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A very useful but unglamorous tool, a "dropper" is a simple level editor that lets you position objects in 3D space and then writes all the positions/rotations/etc. to an easily parsed text file. Your game can then read this file to put everything in the same place.

This is a Python script that allows you to use Maya as a dropper. It will export any custom attributes that you set, plus you can choose either JSON or XML for the output format.

Note that I also wrote a dropper script for Blender:




dropper4maya.zip 21 kB

Install instructions

by Joseph Hocking www.newarteest.com
MIT license

written in Maya 2017
open in Script Editor window, then Execute

Saves info about objects in the scene:
name, position, rotation, scale, custom attributes
Select either XML or JSON for the data format.

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